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Homoeopathy is a system of medicine founded by Dr.Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann M.D. In 1796. Since then Homoeopathy is being practiced worldwide. It’s the second largest medical system in the world. Homoeopathy can cure a wide range of disease conditions from Common cold to Cancer. This system of medicine gives hope to people who are suffering from difficult and incurable medical conditions. Since its discovery Homoeopathy has proved its effectiveness by being curative and preventive with regard to epidemic diseases (Japanese encephalitis, Swine flu, Chikungunya, dengue).

Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine. It covers both mind and body of an individual. It’s the only system which focuses on individualization. As one of our pioneers had rightly said “Man is prior to the organ” and this system treats the man and not the particular organ or the disease. It treats the person as a whole.

Each new science incorporates the law of the science dealing with the simpler forms of material organization but also has new laws of its own, whichare not entirely explained by the preceding scientific discipline. Thus we can never reduce biology to physics and chemistry or explain psychology entirely by means of neurophysiology. Likewise we cannot reduce the human being to mere organs or systems (eg. circulatory system or gastric system). We all know that living thing started from a unicellular organism and today all these various types of cells are living together like a community, which gives rise to multicellular organism. All these organs and systems are interdependent. Thus, when particular organ or system suffers from a disease the whole organism suffers ultimately the man as a whole suffers from that disease. Now we cannot break down this man into organs and systems. Man is someone who has emotions, feelings, sensations that include, but go beyond organs and systems.