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Renal Calculus

Do or Die for Patients and Diamond for Doctors


Urinary calculus is one of the oldest problems of man kind. The earliest examples of calculi were discovered from pre dynastic (7000 - 3100 BC) tomb at El Amrah in upper Egypt. The pre historic presence of urinary calculi with infectious origin has been verified.

In Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Literature, four types of stone are mentioned with their treatment. If medicine fails Surgery was suggested with clear indications for supra pubic surgery.

In Chinese medicine (3000 - 2000BC) medical treatment was mentioned by Shen Nung. Magnesium silicate and Tribulus Terrestris was suggested with Acupuncture.

The modern medicine which starts with Hippocrats (450 -350 BC) who not only opposed the surgical procedure for calculus but also suggested some 400 simple herbal remedies in his medical writings and emphasized on diet and hygiene.

The urinary calculus is known to be from pre historic period. Invariably every part of the world is experiencing the problem without any barrier of caste, creed, race or religion. There is not much done on preventive angle.

It is an ever-expanding problem associated with affluence and sedentary mode of life. It is unlikely that stone disease will show any decline in near future. The present unfortunate culture of fast foods, soft drinks, junk foods with sedentary life style will surely increase the incidence to a greater height.

Though there is a lot of development in the surgical and mechanical procedures and in diagnostic tools, not much has been done in the realm of prevention and medical treatment of urinary calculi.

Homoeopathy has a definite answer in this sphere of sufferings of man. Homoeopathy has given me the hope that these deficits in the medical management of urinary calculi by various systems of medicine can definitely be fulfilled through homoeopathic system of medicine. The vast literary sources of homoeopathy is amazing. It has more than hundred medicines for calculi.

Dr.S.P. Koppikar in has book “Clinical experience of 70 years in Homoeopathy says only Berberis vulgaris and Tabacum were very useful and in acute pain Sarsaparilla. I want you to add Lycopodium and Medorrhinum along with Hydrangea arborescens to your list. Hope every homoeopath will have good collection of Diamonds.